I like to wear on Hanbok.

Hanbok is traditional Korean costume. Korean people wear on Hanbok in special day like Lunar New Year’s Day, birthday and wedding day.

On New Year’s Day, I wear Hanbok and bow to my grandparents and parents.

My grandparents are in Korea, so I wear Hanbok New Year’s Day and bow to them through a video call.

Because Hanbok is pretty I sometimes like to wear Hanbok.


Mother’s day.

I made a card and a gift for my mom. And my family went to the park. And I rode my bike. And I played with younger children.


My favorite animal is

My favorite animal is a cheetah because they are yellow  and I like yellow colour. And they run fast and they are good at climbing trees. So I like it.

I went to a walk.

I went to a walk with my younger sister and my dad. And I touched a leaf. it looked like a needle.        and I looked at trees. it was fun.

What Onyu is good at is

What I am good at is monkey bar. I like monkey bar. So I do it a lot of times. And I am good at biking because when I was little, I rode balance bike. And I am good at skipping. I like all of them.

What I Did At Easter

I made Easter eggs with my sister and my mom yesterday. It was fun. The egg was hot so it was hard. And I rode my bike. And I did skipping.