l like this book. Because the cats have wings and that is cool. My favourite part of this story was when the cats met Susan and Hank. My favourite cat is Harriet. Yes. I would like to read Catwings Returns.

White Tailed Deer


A white tailed deer has a reddish brown coat in summer and a greyish brown coat to camouflage itself. And they are mammals and they have four legs and a short tail. And they have big antlers.


A white tailed deer lives close to the clearings and forests and streams and banks. White-tailed deer live close to farmland. The white tailed deer live close to their families.


White tailed deer are herbivores. White tailed deer eat grass, plants, weeds, twigs, buds, and leaves in the spring and summer. They are nocturnal and they mostly eat at night.

Why do you like this animal?

I like this animal because a baby white tailed deer is cute and the

female looks pretty. And a males antlers look so cool. That’s why I

like this animal.

The Mars Rover

I have learned that the Mars rover landed on Mars on February 18, 2021.

And a little helicopter comes out from the rover.

And it took seven months to get to the planet Mars.

Chinese new year

I have learned that I was born in the year of the snake.

Snake people love good books, food, music, and plays.

Some traditions are wearing red clothes, eating a big dinner

cleaning your house and giving red envelopes.

There is a lion dance, and fireworks to scare away evil spirits.

I like to wear on Hanbok.

Hanbok is traditional Korean costume. Korean people wear on Hanbok in special day like Lunar New Year’s Day, birthday and wedding day.

On New Year’s Day, I wear Hanbok and bow to my grandparents and parents.

My grandparents are in Korea, so I wear Hanbok New Year’s Day and bow to them through a video call.

Because Hanbok is pretty I sometimes like to wear Hanbok.